Psychosis Research Program Researcher Call

Canan Bayraktar Public Health Foundation, Center for Contextual Behavioral Science (BAĞDAM), is seeking researchers for the psychosis research program. The program aims to develop projects focused on understanding the psychopathology and phenomenology of psychotic experiences, investigating factors that contribute to the onset and maintenance of psychotic disorders, and exploring the effectiveness of psychotherapy. We invite qualified and highly motivated individuals willing to work with individuals experiencing psychotic experiences to apply for this research program.

Intern Researcher Responsibilities:

Conducting literature reviews.
Assisting in the preparation of protocols.
Participating in determining and implementing research procedures.
Organizing and managing the project schedule.
Planning and monitoring project-related activities such as announcements and participant recruitment.
Collecting data and performing data entry and analysis.
Preparing regular reports on project activities.
Establishing and maintaining communication with relevant institutions and individuals.
Providing administrative support for the project.
Attending weekly project meetings.
Assisting in the preparation of research articles.
Participating in the process of preparing data for publication and presenting at scientific events.
The above responsibilities will be carried out under the guidance of the project coordinator, and changes may be made to the roles and responsibilities during the project.

Minimum Qualifications for Applicants:

Education in mental health, medicine, neuroscience, or related fields (if a student, must be in the final 2 years of undergraduate studies).
Proficiency in English.
Ability to dedicate a minimum of 16 hours per week (during or outside working hours).
Preferred Qualifications:

Knowledge of research techniques and methodologies.
Empirical research experience.
Basic data entry and analysis skills.
Expertise in a field that complements and enhances the research strategy and goals of the program.
Strong oral and written communication skills.
Strong organizational and problem-solving skills.
Experience working with clinical populations, especially individuals with severe mental disorders.
A high level of commitment to learning the skills mentioned in the above points will also be considered.

Required Application Documents:

Letter of Intent* (PDF)
Curriculum Vitae (CV)** (PDF)
Graduation certificate or Student ID
Reference letter
Proof of English proficiency***
Official transcript showing the overall academic grade average***
The letter of intent should include your interest in the field and your experience.
** The CV should be prepared in the format provided on the website.
* These documents are not mandatory but are recommended if available.


13 March 2023