European Behavioral Cognitive Therapies Congress

Cansağlığı Foundation Center for Contextual Behavioral Science (CCBS), attended the European  Behavioral Cognitive Therapies Congress held in Antalya.

The CCBS team, participating in the congress with symposiums, open paper, and scientific meeting sessions, also organized skill class sessions on 4 different subjects.

Session Titles:
- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Training ACT for Severe Mental Disorders: Theoretical Background and Clinical Experience
- Talking About Every Facet of Death
- Reducing Burnout Among Healthcare Workers; ACT-Based Existential Intervention Program
- The Journey of Compassion: Approaching Ourselves and Others with  Compassion in a Changing World
- Should I Stop It or Not: Functional Analysis Based Approach for Repetitive Thinking
- Preliminary Results of An Experience Sampling Investigation of Repetitive Negative Thinking: The Effects on Negative Emotion and Somatic Health Complaints

03 November 2023