3rd International Congress of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cansağlığı Foundation, Center for Contextual Behavioral Sciences (CCBS) attended the 3rd International Congress of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CCBS team, who took part in the congress with oral presentations and scientific meeting sessions also organized lots of applied workshops in the fields of psychotherapy:

- Classical vs. Acceptance-Based Exposure (Scientific Meeting)
- Two Approaches for One Case (Workshop)
- ACT for Couples (Workshop)
- Repetitive Thinking Styles and ACT (Workshop)
- Difficult Moments in Psychotherapy Sessions (Workshop)
- Online Group Therapy Intervention Program for Anxiety and Anxiety-Related Psychological Difficulties (Oral Presentation)
- Investigating the Effect of Social Relations and Self Criticism on Self Appearance Anxiety (Oral Presentation)
- The Effect of Self Compassion and Self-Esteem in Romantic Relationships on Relationship Satisfaction (Oral Presentation)
- Effect of Online Trainer Training for Mental Health Professionals Working Under The Ministry of Health on Psychological Flexibility (Oral Presentation)




11 October 2022