Contextual Behavioral Science Center

BAĞDAM is a research center established within the Cansaglığı Foundation with the purpose of creating workgroups, laboratories, and the necessary scientific research infrastructure to explore human behaviors and clinical issues at multiple levels and dimensions through the lens of contextual behavioral principles. Its objective is to address the institutional gap in this field within our country by establishing a foundation of a scientific perspective and research culture among young researchers.

Our Vision

Understanding human behavior can be achieved through an approach that considers different dimensions such as genetics, neuroscience, language, cognition, emotion, relationships, beliefs, and culture as well as the individual, family, group, and society. Such a scientific activity will pave the way for the development of a greater understanding and civilization in both individual and societal domains, alongside providing recommendations and contributions to the problems and challenges faced by humanity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together national and international researchers, professionals and students who are involved in education and research within the framework of behavioral sciences especially in clinical-related fields with the purpose of conducting collaborative projects. Our aim is to enable the understanding and basis that will allow the creation of innovative studies and products that can contribute to the field.